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Elementary Staff

Name Role Email Telephone
Allen, Marlene Gr 5 mallen@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2503
Allen, Tami Treasurer tallen@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2000
Ashby, Angie Gr 1 aashby@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2107
Ballard, Ashlee Title I Para aballard@ndaviess.k12.in.us  
Beard, Stephne KG sbeard@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2010
Bechtel, Cindy Para cbechtel@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2900
Buchheit, Lori Gr 3 lbuchheit@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2303
Butcher, Sherry Gr 1 sbutcher@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2100
Byrer, Tammy Gr 2 tbyrer@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2200
Collins, Cassie Gr 3 ccollins@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2302
Collins, Randall Gr 4 rcollins@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2400
Cook, Nicole Counselor nicook@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2006
Cox, Laura Gr 4 lshafer@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2402
Dahl, Erin Gr 3 edahl@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2102
Doolin, Sandra Gr 3 SandraDoolin@ndaviess.k12.in.us  
Franklin, Karen Para kfranklin@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2902
Gingerich, Cathy KG cgingerich@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2913
Graber, Audra Gr 6 augraber@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2404
Harkness, Diana Gr 2 dharkness@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2206
Healy, Molly TItle I Para mwinklepleck@ndaviess.k12.in.us  
Helms, Scott P.E. shelms@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2059
Higgins, Debbie Title III Para dhiggins@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2903
Jerrels, Kelley Media Center Para kjerrels@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2800
Jones, Savilla Resource sajones@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2054
Judy, Renee Principal rjudy@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2001
Julian, Susannah Title I Para sjulian@ndaviess.k12.in.us  
Karns, DeAnna Gr 1 dkarns@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2108
Kramer, Susan Gr 1 skramer@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2106
Laughlin, Nina Para nlaughlin@ndaviess.k12.in.us 3206
Lawyer, Bridget KG blawyer@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2057
Lechner, Nick Food Service Director Lechner-Nicholas@aramark.com 4000
Lengacher, Sara Title I Para slengacher@ndaviess.k12.in.us  
Lengacher, Tabitha Gr 4 tlengacher@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2401
Lewis, Tambra Gr 5 tlewis@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2502
Loheider, Carrie Nurse caloheider@ndaviess.k12.in.us 3010
Loheider, Chris Gr 2 cloheider@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2202
McAtee, Cyndy Music cmcatee@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2053
McBride, Crystal Gr 2 cmcbride@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2201
Malone, Connie Gr 1 cmalone@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2301
Montgomery, Heather Gr 3 hmontgomery@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2402
Moulden, Becky Secretary rmoulden@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2001
Parsons, Cory Asst. Principal cparsons@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2001
Porter, Ginger Gr 5 gporter@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2501
Raber, Christina Custodian    
Raber, Clay Gr 6 craber@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2600
Riggins, Nancy Sp Ed Para nriggins@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2911
Simmons, Steve Custodian ssimmons@ndaviess.k12.in.us 1902
Simone, Gayle Art gsimone@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2055
Smith, Ashley Resource asmith@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2051
Smith, Kayla Para ksmith@ndaviess.k12.in.us  
Smith, Lee Sp Ed Para lsmith@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2901
Smith, Shaya Gr 6 ssmith@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2601
Stanley, Micah Sp Ed Para mstanley@ndaviess.k12.in.us  
Stoll, Lorissa Title I lstoll@ndaviess.k12.in.us  
Stuffle, Anita KG astuffle@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2203
VanderMel, Jeff Band jvandermel@ndaviess.k12.in.us 3120
Vaught, Debbie Sp Ed Para dvaught@ndaviess.k12.in.us 3130
Wade, Deborah Gr 4 dwade@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2403
Wadsworth, Telesa Title I Para twadsworth@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2909
Wagler, Danielle KG dawagler@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2042
Wagler, Darla Custodian    
Wagler, Norma Sp Ed Para nwagler@ndaviess.k12.in.us  
Walls, Colleen Sp Ed Para cwalls@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2111
Wesner, Kim Resource kwesner@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2409
Willis, Lisa Title I lwillis@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2104
Wilson, Justin Gr 6 jwilson@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2603
Wilson, Shanna Gr 5 swilson@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2500
Winter, Donna Speech dwinter@ndaviess.k12.in.us 2052
Wise, Wanda Custodian    
Wright-Gainey, Ann Media Spec. awgainey@ndaviess.k12.in.us 3132

North Daviess Community Schools5494 East State Rd 58Elnora, IN  47529


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